Relevant Research

We increasingly need to focus our education on building 21st century skills like problem solving, critical thinking

Research shows that board, block and puzzle games help kids in core academics

  • Why slowing down stimuli to real time helps a childs brain :
  • Study demonstrates that playing puzzle games improves algebraic reasoning, problem solving and spatial reasoning
  • How puzzle games enhance learning :

Mathematical ability predicts career success:

  • Does Mathematical Ability Predict Career Success? Apparently it does via @SciAm

The importance of developing thinking skills and conceptual understanding for effective learning in math

We set out to develop fun games on tablets that are not instant gratification, high stimulus, but instead encourage deep thought and build attention. Research clearly suggests that it is very important for kids (and adults) to develop the ability to delay gratification

There is tremendous potential in all of us to become good at thinking strategically and logically


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