LogicCity Jr

Sample Puzzle
Sample Puzzle

Parent Review:
“My son loves this game. It has quickly become one of his favorite and most used apps on our iPad.
What’s great is that this game actually helps kids develop thinking skills, instead of just playing mindless games or watching mindless shows like Sponge Bob …

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My son has really improved his critical thinking skills and his teacher in school asked what has gotten him thinking more….    Oh, parents can play it too. It’s not as easy as you think… ”
Read the review here : http://www.apppicker.com/readerreviews/572/logiccity-jr-app-review

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Review by Teachers With Apps :


“Although addictively fun, LogicCity Jr. has serious educational chops and works with developing a child’s ability to think and reason independently.”

“I would highly recommend this game”
“Promotes independence and risk taking”
“Helps build overall attention and attention to detail”

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Schools interested in over 100 copies, please reach out to arunima@mindsonplay.com for special pricing.

Elementary School Teacher review :

“Logic City Jr is an engaging app for all ages. My third grade students are challenged by the increasing difficulty but are encouraged because they are able to logically solve the puzzles.

We use this app weekly and the students look forward to playing each week!   I also enjoy playing along with my students, I cant wait for Logic City to be released! “

Third Grade Math Teacher,  Evans Elementary School, Allen ISD, TX

Link to app at the Apple app store (LogicCity Jr : ) http://appstore.com/mindsonplayllc/logiccityjr

We believe that solving puzzles is a great way to create a love of learning math and science :

  • Once kids learn to think logically, maths is easier and more fun, and makes conceptual sense.
  • Enables each child to learn at her/his own pace, enhancing her/his starting ability
  • Because children are capable of learning so much when given a chance. We’ve found that several children will start solving these puzzles more easily than adults
  • Solving problems builds self-esteem, independent thinking and concentration. It’s like strength training for the mind
  • Because most people we know who love math, science and technology have played a lot with puzzles in their childhood
  • Problem solving skills are so useful in modern well paid analytical jobs from engineers to architects to management professionals to bankers to scientists …

In our tests with children age 7+, they loved solving these puzzles.  They’re simple in concept and easy to learn, and then gradually get really challenging making them all the more fun ! (Try puzzle 75 if you don’t find them challenging at the start)

As research in game based learning shows, kids are naturally motivated to play games, and that makes the teachers and parents task so much easier.

The goal is simple, to fill the grid with shapes, such that there is no shape repeated in a row or column (yes, like sudoku !). Depending on the level, the colors also follow specific rules (a two level sudoku!). Introducing two properties to manage simultaneously creates all kinds of cool possibilities in the puzzles.

Questions, comments, suggestions – you can reach us at arunima@mindsonplay.com


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