Minds On Play creates puzzle game apps for 21st century competency based education. Minds On Play published LogicCity Jr on the Apple App Store in Nov 2014, and LogicCity / LogicCity for Schools in July 2015.

The LogicCity series is logic puzzle games for kids to adult.  They are simple in concept and easy to learn, and then gradually gets really challenging (even for adults) making it all the more fun ! It’s a cool twist on Sudoku, adding an additional dimension.

The puzzles have been developed by Arunima kayath and Michel Lyons.

Arunima has worked in the corporate world in very problem solving intensive jobs in strategy consulting and banking for over 15 years. She has a passion for education that is fun, engaging, taps into the natural curiosity of children and adults, and builds 21st century skills. She is a mother of two. She was inspired to create logic games on tablets after observing her daughter immersed in solving logic puzzles, even though she reluctantly studied math at home.

Michel is an educator with over 35 years experience working with adults and children. He’s written math books with a focus on problem solving, and created several highly rated and award winning board games (Metaform, Equilibrio, Architecto …)

Questions, comments, suggestions – you can reach us at arunima@mindsonplay.com


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