Monthly Archives: December 2014

Some of our favorite apps

It’s a dull winter morning, and as I get ready to create some more puzzles for Logic City – our puzzles app – I started thinking back to how excited we were when the first iPad came out, and what apps have stood out for us as a family.

There are a couple that really stand out in language skills. Our now 10 year old loves “A Year of Riddles”. We’ve spent many a flights trying to solve them together, and at this point, she is better than either of her parents at finding the answers. And both our kids have loved Starfall. The older one picked up reading from it on the computer (it wasn’t yet on the phone), and the younger one knew all his letters by 2 years of age – all because of the star fall app.

These have been some apps that have inspired me to create more for kids around the world, because kids are so amazing at what they can learn if they are given the opportunity to do it in a way that is fun, challenging, and yet allows them to explore at their own pace.