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LogicCity Jr Launched on the Apple App Store

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” Albert Einstein

That’s why we made LogicCity Jr – an app with logic puzzles, for children ages 7+ to practice and build problem solving and logical thinking skills while having fun.

LogicCity Jr is a pure logic puzzle game for ages 7+.  It’s simple in concept and easy to learn, and then gradually gets really challenging (even for adults) making it all the more fun !

IMG_3221            levels screen

The goal is simple, to fill the grid with shapes, such that there is no shape repeated in a row or column (yes, like sudoku !). Depending on the level, the colors also follow specific rules (a two level sudoku!). Introducing two properties to manage simultaneously creates all kinds of cool possibilities in the puzzles.

The puzzles have been developed by Michel Lyons and Arunima. Michel is an educator with over 35 years experience. He’s written math books with a focus on problem solving, and created several highly rated and award winning board games (Metaform, Equilibrio, Architecto …).

For our very young users, the puzzles develop very useful problem solving skills to an advanced level without needing to get into any complicated formulas – just pure logic, and deduction. In our tests with children age 7+, they loved solving them. It helps build their sense of achievement and self-esteem. As parents, it’s nice when you don’t have to push your kids to do them, they naturally enjoy playing with them.

For adult puzzle lovers, it’s just fun to solve them. It’s a nice break when you want to put your feet up but keep your mind engaged or do something different from everyday life. You can jump to the later levels faster if you like, no unlocking necessary.

Questions, comments, suggestions – you can reach us at

Even more challenging puzzles coming soon … If you like it, we’d love to hear from you. It’s been a journey to create them, and we sure would love some encouragement !