We build fun puzzle games for all ages to practice and develop problem solving, logical and strategic thinking, adaptive reasoning skills.

We believe it is very important to strengthen problem solving skills in today’s world of increasing automation of routine tasks.
We believe it is possible to train your mind to become better problem solvers, and to make problem solving a habit.

Puzzles are designed by an experienced professor with many well known puzzle games.
Published games : LogicCity Jr (Age 6-11). LogicCity (Age 9-99+).
Over 95,000 copies downloaded.


 LogicCity Jr (Age 6-11)         

***Academics Choice Award Winner ***

*** Silver Medal, International Serious Play Awards ***

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Educational game for kids
Build problem solving, thinking skills.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
No in app purchases, no social media.
Very Kid friendly.


LogicCity (Age 9-99)

                    download on the app store small
*** Finalist, BETT Awards, UK ***
“Top Pick and Highly Recommended” TeachersWithApps

Puzzle 16

110 puzzles: Start simple, and then get really challenging.
Build deep logical, strategic and problem solving thinking similar to board games.
Work your way from the start, you might surprise yourself on what you do.
For adults, teenagers and interested tweenagers.

Here’s what our customers have to say about LogicCity Jr :

“My eight year old son loves thismany puzzles iphone 6 updated game. It has quickly become one of his favorite and most used apps on our iPad.

What’s great is that this game actually helps kids develop thinking skills, instead of just playing mindless games or watching mindless shows  …

My son has really improved his critical thinking skills and his teacher in school asked what has gotten him thinking more. I told her about this app and she was pleasantly surprised.”

Read the review here : http://www.apppicker.com/readerreviews/572/logiccity-jr-app-review

For our very young users, the puzzles develop very useful problem solving skills to an advanced level without needing to get into any complicated formulas – just pure logic, and deduction. As parents, it’s nice when you don’t have to push your kids to do them, they naturally enjoy playing with them.

For adult puzzle lovers, it’s just fun to solve them. It’s a nice break when you want to put your feet up but keep your mind engaged or do something different from everyday life. You can jump to the later levels faster if you like, no unlocking necessary.

We believe that solving logic puzzles is a great way to create a love of learning math and science :

  • Solving problems builds self-esteem, independent thinking and concentration.
  • People who love STEM fields have played a lot with puzzles in their childhood
  • Problem solving skills are so useful in modern well paid analytical jobs from engineers to architects to management professionals to bankers to scientists …
  • Once kids learn to think logically, maths is easier and more fun, and makes conceptual sense.
  • Enables each child to learn at her/his own pace, enhancing her/his starting ability
  • Because children are capable of learning so much when given a chance. We’ve found that several children will start solving these puzzles more easily than adults

In our tests with children age 7+, they loved solving these puzzles.  They’re simple in concept and easy to learn, and then gradually get really challenging making them all the more fun !

Link to full app at the Apple app store :

(LogicCity Jr : ) http://appstore.com/mindsonplayllc/logiccityjr

(LogicCity : ) http://appstore.com/mindsonplayllc/logiccityforschools

The puzzles have been developed by Michel Lyons and Arunima Kayath. Michel is an educator with over 35 years experience. He’s written math books with a focus on problem solving, and created several highly rated and award winning board games (Metaform, Equilibrio, Architecto …). Arunima is a mother of two, and has worked in management consulting and banking and has a deep appreciation for problem solving skills from her work experience.

Questions, comments, suggestions – you can reach us at arunima@mindsonplay.com

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